Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 45: Happy New Year!

I loved Skyping! It was super exciting to see you guys and this time Brycie wasn’t asleep and Dallin accepted to be seen. I believe that it was a Christmas miracle. lol

On Christmas I got to Skype my family!

Thanks for the Christmas package! It made me pretty excited! I’m sorry, but I will not be using the things for the cold now...but I will when I get home! It’s good that I will get home in August when it’s still warm. I’ve heard that lots of missionaries get really sick if they go home from here when it’s winter. 

Christmas Package From Home

We tracked all day on Christmas. Absolutely nooooo one was in the streets! Where it was normally busy - it was logically we laid down and took photos. :)

Merry Christmas!

 Sadly we don’t have any water in Lazaro Cardenas right now. The workers have gone on strike and so the entire city is without water. That makes living a lot of fun! lol The good thing is that we are in Guadalajara today and tomorrow for a meeting with the president. There is water here. :)

Right now Hermana Valdez and I are going to go to an awesome buffet that she says is super yummy. It will be our Merry Christmas/New Years present to ourselves because our Christmas was pretty pathetic. lol So we are going to eat! Yeahhh!

After our district meeting, we had a little 
breakfast-dinner and a gift exchange.

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