Thursday, February 27, 2014

Week 1 at the MTC

It´s crazy at the MTC. Days go by like weeks, and weeks go by like days! Spanish is my life. Like that´s seriously all I think about. It actually gets kind of annoying now. For the next two weeks I´m going to try and only speak Spanglish, because I am not learning the language fast enough! On our third day here we began teaching an investigator in Spanish. Oh my gosh, it was so difficult. we got to teach him for a week, and I think he was really bored with us by the end. I ALWAYS said stupid things during our lesson because I have no idea what I´m saying, so he´s always laughing at me. One time I was reading a scripture and I looked up at him and he was suppressing a laugh behind his book. I was so embarrassed. lol Also during the lesson I just kind of make up words when I don´t know what they are. Example: ¨remembero¨ ¨chaptero¨  ¨cuteo¨. Well, they usually make a little more sense then that, but I still just make up half my vocabulary. lol

Here are some interesting facts-- 44% of the missionaries in the MTC right now are girls, and they are expecting it to increase. They are having a HUGE influx of missionaries this summer and are expecting to reach a new high. They believe that the girls are soon going to pass the guys! So our mission president told us to be prepared, because we might only be in the field for a few months and then be assigned to become a senior companion. Ahhh!! --As of Tuesday there are 84,663 missionaries serving. 1.3 million missionaries have served over the past 184 years, and 70% of them have served since Thomas S. Monson was called to serve in the First Presidency. Isn´t that just some crazy stuff!

Today I get my visa. That means I´ll get to go straight to Mexico and not have to wait in the states. They said that some missionaries have to wait ten months in the states for their visa to Brazil! I would cry. I´m on west campus at the MTC. Which means I live all my life at Wyview and across the street is where all my classes and meals are. We go up to main campus like only once a week. So I´m not sure if I´ll get to take the ¨famous¨ picture in front of the map showing where I´m from and where I´m going, but I hope I´ll be able to.

Days at the MTC are COMPLETELY planned out. Every second of the day! At 6:30 we wake up and get ready for breakfast which is at 7:15. We have class until 11:35 and we have personal, companionship, and language study until 4:55. Then we teach an investigator and make a lesson until 9:30 which is when we get to go home. We have until 10:15 to get ready, and then ¨personal devotional time¨ until 10:30, which is when we go to bed. Every time is planned out! It was hard at first, but I´m getting used to it. Also the weather is GREAT out here! I never wear a coat, I just wear a cardigan in the morning and night. During our personal study we will sometimes go outside to study in the sun. I love it! It´s hard getting used to always wearing a skirt or dress and never taking off my shoes. lol