Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 11: Drunken Serenade

This week I got serenaded by a group of five drunken guys. Don’t ask me why we stopped - my companions choice not mine. He told me I have eyes like the sky multiple times, and he sang to me some song about my eyes. Then he wanted to know if I can date on my mission, and he asked me to marry him. At least I think that’s what he said. Drunk people don’t speak English very well. Then he sang me a song about how he loves me and he told me at least a million times he loved me. It was honestly one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I wanted to leave, but my companion was talking to someone so I had to uncomfortably stand there and try to ignore him! lol.

  Some things that have prepared me for my mission:
 1) Working for a landscaping company all my life with a workaholic boss (cough, cough - Dad). It’s like a million degrees outside and I just automatically think, “Oh wow it’s hot! I should probably be in the blazing sun for the next 12-17 hours working.” lol. I really don’t mind it too much since I’m used to it I guess.
2) In college I kind of lived off Moms peasant meal (beans, rice, and tomatoes). I ate a lot of tortillas with rice, and Mom and I ate a lot of jalapeños. I guess Americans always are sick here for the first month or so, because of the difference in food. But I feel just fine. We eat a lot of meat, which takes some getting used to. I wish we could eat more fruits and veggies, but maybe some day.
3) Visiting Sis D. every week. People here just love to talk! I’m pretty good at listening and from being with Sis D for so many hours I have kind of perfected what people want me to react like. I know generally what expressions to make.

A street market in Guadalajara we visited

Weird, fun fruit

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