Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 10: Chemical Bomb

This week a chemical bomb went off near where we live. I think they said it was ammonia? When we walked out of our apartment my companion was saying she felt dizzy. After a few minutes I was coughing sooooo bad and thought for sure I was dying and my companion said her throat really hurt. It was really smoky and I wondered why, but we just figured it was a fire or something. Then everyone was walking around with masks on and there were ambulances everywhere. It made teaching very difficult with the mask over my face!

Me in my mask

In an area that we teach there are chickens, chicks and roosters and some weird bird looking thing running around everywhere. I love it! I caught a little chick and was so happy. My companion wouldn’t let me take it home though. I think she’s afraid the ants will eat it. lol. 

Adorable Chick

This week was the Relief Society anniversary. We all wore white blouses and blue skirts and they gave us these little fun badge things and we sang in the choir. Singing is not one of my favorite things. We had to go to practice twice this week and each time for like two hours. I was dying. I’ve got work to do man! lol It’s great because the people here love to sing and love to sing LOUD! The only problem is that most of them didn’t have a piano, so they don’t know the notes. So our choir was a little less then perfect...or a little less then good. lol But they sing with heart and I guess that’s all that matters, right?

Relief Society Anniversary

We had a meeting with the mission president this week for my 12-week progress. It is such a pain because we have to drive eight hours to get to Guadalajara for a 3-hour meeting and then eight hours back!!! Ugh. I look like a giant in this picture but it’s because I am in front more. I am a very normal height here. I thought Bryce and Dallin would like to know that. I’m actually taller then quite a few women, and even some guys. Craziness!


I got to see my MTC companions (Hermana Burns and Durnford) this week! I was so extremely happy! I’ve missed them so much! It was fun to catch up and see how they are doing. Sadly it sounds like everyone in the district is really struggling. I think everyone is having difficulties mainly with the companions. I think it’s because the culture here is just so different that it’s hard to get used to living with someone who grew up in a totally different world. I have problems with my companion sometimes, but I think I was really lucky! I’ve noticed generally that they are very sensitive and like to talk about feelings. Two things I am not. lol So my companion is struggling with me. I’m her first American companion.

MTC Companions

This is some special Guadalajara food. It’s kind of weird, but everyone loves it. Most of the time I just tell everyone I absolutely LOVE the food. Hopefully that will be the truth one day. lol

Guadalajara Special

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