Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 9: Second Month - First Baptism

This week was great! We had divisions and I was with one of the sister training leaders. She was great and I learned so much. The area was beautiful and green, and the weather wasn’t fire hot. People are now starting to laugh at me because I’m red. lol 

My companion told me that when I was gone for divisions, the lessons weren’t the same. The people missed me and they weren’t as open and friendly. That made me feel so good! They have no idea what I’m saying and I have no idea what they are saying, but they still like me. :)  

People stare at me all the time! I’m really getting sick of it and so is my companion. It makes me extremely uncomfortable. But then people like to talk to me and ask me where I’m from, which gives me the opportunity to talk about the gospel. So I guess it isn’t all bad.

"I don't understand why people stare at me"

For lunch they give you so much food. I asked one of the elders how I can tell them I don’t eat much. He said under no circumstances could you do that. They will just get offended and then give you more. This week on divisions my companion said she couldn’t eat much. The lady was like “nonsense” and then she just piled more on! So I just have to grin and bear it and pray that I don’t throw up. Lol

I experienced my first earth tremble. It was actually pretty big and it lasted about a minute. We were at home and the house started to shake. My first thought was “man these people really need to figure out how to make better houses, this is ridiculous.” Then my companion pulled me outside and I realized the ground was shaking! It was pretty weird, but kind of fun. I hope not to experience another one. 

2-Month Mark

Saturday was my 2-month mark. How crazy is that? On my 2-month mark we had a baptism - my first one! His name is Jehoshaphat and he is absolutely great! I’m so excited for him. He’s really quiet, so it’s sometimes hard to know how he’s feeling. But you could tell how happy he was on his baptism day. Then on Sunday he was trying to figure out how to join seminary! How awesome is that? When someone has a desire to join seminary and continue learning that’s when you know they have a true testimony. He wants to serve a mission and isn’t embarrassed to share what he believes at school. No one else in his family wanted to be baptized, so I hope he can be strong. His mom supports him in his decision and comes to church with him.

Jehoshaphat, me & my companion

Jehoshaphat & his mom

I almost had a complete missionary scandal this week. We had dinner with one of the members and afterwards her grandson happened to stop by just before we began the lesson. His name is Fernando (or Ferdinand?). He had taken lessons when he was ten and almost was baptized. Since then he likes studying religions from around the world. He was training for the air force but got into a really bad accident. The doctors said it was a miracle that he made it out alive and then continued to heal so fast (he was normal within 2 months and training). He said that was a moment in his life that he knows God was watching over him.

He’s interested in taking lessons again. But sadly the area where he lives is the Elders area. :( That’s probably better though, because it’s difficult for sisters to teach guys. You always have to have members with you. I’m so excited for him and I feel like God has been preparing him these past 11 years and I think that he is ready to accept the gospel in his life. Okay, so now for the scandal. I told you that girls always kiss girls right? What I didn’t know is that girls and guys kiss as well when they’re young and close to the same age. So when we were saying good-bye he went to give me a kiss on the cheek! I was thinking, “What is this? They DEFINITELY did not teach me about this in the MTC!” But don’t worry, scandal avoided. I stopped him. Afterwards my companion taught me that you always stand a far distance away from guys when you shake hands because that’s very common. I was thinking “Thanks, now you tell me!” lol

Last week a family took us to the street vendors for dinner. I didn’t eat because President told us not to eat at them because they are not clean. While everyone else was eating a guy came up and starting talking to me. He had lived in Wisconsin for a while so he knew English. I got to share the gospel with him and I invited him to church. I thought it was a blessing of exact obedience, but afterwards my companion told me that she thought he was interested in me, not the gospel. I felt stupid. :(  But this week he came to church and today we are having a lesson with him! :)

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