Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 14: Weekly Update

People here, who aren’t members, call us ¨eldera’s¨ because they think we are called the same as elders. Just in feminine form. lol 

A member was teaching me how to make tortillas. I’m not very good at making them, but I want to eat them when I come home because they are just so yummy! I love tortillas. 

We bought coconut! Num num! They are really cheap here - less then a dollar. The juice wasn’t my favorite, but it was fun.

We have a huge district. We played a game with water balloons and then played volleyball and ate pizza. Fun stuff. I like my district.

I got a new goat friend. He let me pet him and everything! Hermana Garcia said that the goat never lets anyone pet him. I had a little transfer this week. I was in Guacamyas with another new sister, but she knows Spanish. It was a lot of fun!

While walking we found a whole sidewalk of perfect mangos. We were pretty excited and took a ton home. We made liquada de mango/banana and it was pretty amazing!

These are some awesome specially made cups someone gave us. She is a friend of one of the members and she saw us in the market one day. The next day she gave us these cups because someone in the market was making them and she thought of us. I was so excited!

The ants no longer want our food. Now they eat me! I have bites all on my feet and calves. They are soooo evil! I am constantly scratching because they itch!

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