Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 12: Dia de las Madras

I’m going to get fat because I’m not a big fan of the meals here, but I love the tortillas! Therefore, I eat lots of tortillas with little on the inside. We eat tortillas with every meal. If there aren’t tortillas I think the world would end. They have little tiendas (stores) EVERYWHERE for tortillas only. Do you remember the guy I told you about that wakes me up every morning yelling something that I didn’t understand? Well today I figured out that he’s yelling for bread!!!!! :D He sells these big soft yummy rolls that are warm and amazing. Better yet they are only 1-2 pesos, which is only about 10 cents!!!!!!! Therefore, that means I will eat bread for every breakfast, which means 90% of my diet will be breads. This is a problem....

Yesterday I forgot to tell mom happy mommies day. I’m sorry mom! Mothers Day was on Saturday here, so I kind of forgot. :( It is a HUGE holiday here! Tons of flowers and we had a fun ward activity with lots of fun performances. My companion said it’s one of the biggest holidays here. It was definitely bigger then Easter.

Dia de las madres (Mother’s day) dance

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