Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 13: 3-Month Mark

This week the missionary flu is going around. One elder was sick and he generously passed it on to my companion and I. lol The past three days, Hermana Suarez and I have been complete Zombies! Also for the past three days we have been searching for people all day: non-actives, very antique investigators, future investigators. We come home completely sore and feeling sick. I honestly have to just roll out of bed each morning. 

This week both my companion and I have been sleeping AWFUL! I sleep okay until about three or four, and then every 20 or 30 minutes I keep waking up. I have some fun nightmares:
   1. I had a bread belly (it looks like a beer belly, but it was from eating too much bread/tortillas) and I couldn’t wear my favorite dress anymore. Ahh!
   2. Zombie Apocalypse
   3. I ended my mission, but I couldn’t remember ANYTHING! I didn’t remember the investigators, members, companions, experiences, nothing. I didn’t know English (this one I think might actually happen. lol). 
   4. I had to give a talk in church! Oh, just kidding. This one actually happened. I had about one and a half minutes to prepare. I’m pretty sure no one understood a word I said and I shook the whole time, but it’s over. I should be safe for the next two months or so.

I hate the bugs here - so gross. This week there have been a bunch of new giant bugs. I have no idea what they are, but I think they could eat me. And we’ve been blessed with tons of cockroaches! They are all gross, but I just can’t bring myself to kill them unless they are bothering me. I don’t know why, I just can’t do it. I always catch the cockroaches in a jar and throw them outside. But my companion kills EVERYTHING! She is vicious. It doesn’t matter if they are minding their own business. If she can see it, then it needs to be dead. lol 

We set six new baptism dates this week (nine total for June), butttttt only one of them attended church this week. People always promise that they will go to church and then they never do. I wish they would just tell me no, if they don't want to come. So this week we plan on teaching a lot about the importance of attending church.

Jehoshaphat is the 16 yr old who got baptized a month ago. He is doing so well! He is so happy and has such a strong testimony. His mom wants him to try a different church because she thinks we are a cult (which is sad because she was going to get baptized after she gets married on June 25). But then she saw some members drinking and heard that a member cusses a lot, so she’s not sure anymore. Being a good example always is so important. You never know who’s watching and whom you could hurt. Jehoshaphat doesn’t want go to other churches. He wants to serve a mission. He shares the gospel with people in school. We saw such a huge change in him after he was baptized and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was great before, but now he is a super star! Lol This week he received the priesthood and passed the sacrament. So great! 

People here are seriously obsessed with minions (from the movie Despicable Me). Minions are everywhere! If it can be made into a minion it is: earrings, shirts, phone cases, house decorations, statues, posters, ear buds, everything. And if someone is having a birthday party you better bet it’s going to be a minion party. lol 

I can’t remember if I told you guys this, but I’m the first American sister in Lazaro Cardenas. How cool is that? And we have the biggest district in the mission! We have seven companionships in our district, and four of those are sisters. So you should not be worried about me. 

Super Love from your favorite Mexican Daughter,
Hermana Lauren Johnston!

or Hermana Yawnstun, Yanstone, Yawnsun (how my name is pronounced) 

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