Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 37: Assorted Events

Hello, Hello, Hello! Hi, Hi, Hi! Hello, Hello, Hello! Hiiiiii! (Sing it!)

This week I have been studying Mormon in The Book of Mormon. While I was reading I came across chapter 6 and the whole thing is colored in pink highlighter. It has a caption that says ¨sad chapter¨. Who knows how long ago I did that? lol It made me smile. It really is a sad chapter, but I still really like chapters 5-7. 

We talked with our investigator and she still wants to be baptized. She is having some problems with her family.

I bought a Mexican shirt. It’s one of those with all the flowers and such. I was pretty excited!

What else? We finally had money to buy stuff to make our house smell pretty and clean!

When we go grocery shopping we have to hike back to the house. it really tires us out. Lol

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