Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 39: Halfway

Today is my half way mark. Ahhhhhh! I don’t know how I should feel? I’m torn between being excited and sad.

Yesterday I learned that my area had a name in the mission. I’m serving in La Huerta, and the missionaries knew it as “La Muerta” (the dead) because it was an area well known for never having baptisms. How sad is that? I never want to leave La Huerta! I think it’s the best ward ever.  

On Monday I got a call from our district leader and he told me I was invited to the Leadership Training Meeting. Scary stuff. So Tuesday and Wednesday I spent all day at the church learning how to be a better missionary. It was a great learning opportunity, and I have officially decided that I can’t be finished in nine months. I have WAY too much still to learn, to be at my half way mark. I have experienced so much happiness sharing the gospel!

We visited a less active member this week. We normally visit her on Fridays, but decided to visit her on Saturday instead. As we were teaching, she started crying. She told us that she was hoping that we would come this day, because she has been having trials and really needed to hear this message. As we pray, God will always guide our paths. It made me think of a quote from Henry B. Eyring, “You hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine.” We have the fullness of the gospel and we know the path to eternal life. We know the happiness that others are missing, but if we don’t share it how will they know? If we don’t share, we are holding back the happiness from those we love.

And now a quote I like. “However late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made, or talents you think you don't have, or distance from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ’s Atonement shines.” -Jeffrey R. Holland

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