Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 38: Baptism

Our investigator was baptized this week and we had a nice baptism for her. After 78 years of being Catholic she changed religions! The difference in her family is amazing. Before her husband was atheist and now he has put quotes about God up in their house. They are a lot happier.  

We have another great investigator right now. We actually have a lot of investigators, and I love them all. But this particular investigator has a broken arm and therefore has not been going to work. This has given her the chance to focus more of her attention on the gospel: reading the scriptures, listening to our lessons, and going to church. She finally accepted a baptism date and is super excited! She wants her whole family to go to church with her. On Sunday she brought her little grandson with her to church. He hated the first hour and afterwards wanted to go home. We tried to encourage him to go to class but he just sat in the hallway and moped. Then the primary teacher walked by and said to him, ¨lets go!¨ He jumped up, grabbed her hand and left with her. He didn’t even look back! lol Afterwards he loved church and wants everyone to go. It’s amazing to see how God works through the families. 

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