Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 36: Downs and Downs

Yesterday we had divisions and I won’t be leaving! I will have 6 months here in La Huerta after this cambio.
This week was crazy - full of ups and downs. Well actually it was full of downs, downs, and more downs. I really love my companion, but we had a really rough time this past week. I shall pray for patience!

We had a baptism planned and we absolutely love her! We spent all week making preparations so that her baptism would be beautiful. About 30 minutes before her baptism her husband came and told us that she would not be coming. We were completely heart broken! We haven’t been able to talk with her since, so we still have no idea why she backed out. It made me think about our Heavenly Father and how sad He feels when we choose the wrong. He knows perfectly our potential and what is in store for us


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