Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 35: This and That

I am sooo tired. For the past few days I have NOT been sleeping well. I’m pretty sure I’m dying. lol

It’s getting colder here.

My companion and I celebrated her birthday and my 8-month mark!

We had Family Home Evening with the Garcia family. We talked about the importance of praying frequently. We each made a little ´O´ for oracion (prayer) to help remind us to pray in the morning and at night.

Absolutely everyone tells me different things I can do to heal my horrible acne. At least every other day someone gives me a different remedy! They all tell me I have such a pretty face, and they want to help me, and blah blah blah. lol The other day as I began to say the prayer, the lady interrupted me with advice to fix my face. Then yesterday somebody told me that God had given him healing powers in his hands and he wanted to touch my face and heal it. We quickly left there. lol

Hermano Tinoco's (our recent convert) hobby is photography. Here are some of his cool old cameras.

We had a baptism this past Saturday. It's amazing to see how much the gospel changes lives. We loved teaching him!

On Sunday morning the bishop called and asked us to give a talk that day. I was pretty stressed. I talked on the importance of obedience. It's a topic that I really like and it's kind of super important!

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