Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 24: No Cambios

We didn’t have cambios. Yeah! We were so happy because we have some grand plans for this coming transfer. We are going to lose a ton of weight and Hermana Vergara will be able to speak English! :)

No cambios! We had a fiesta by eating what we had in the
house! Tostalladas, frijoles, some wierd mexican queso,
and of course liquado.

We have a really funny investigator named Isarrarás. He is always so happy to see us and he tells us we are not allowed to leave the area, ever. We’re not exactly sure if he’s progressing in the gospel yet, but he’s reading and attending church.

We have been teaching the Garcia family. They have been listening to the gospel for over a year now, but they didn’t like going to church. Their kids always ran when we came to teach because they didn’t like listening. They thought it was boring. lol But this was a week of miracles for them. We invited their daughters to EFY and they said, “sure, why not”.  They went and they loved it! Their parents thought the first thing their daughters would say is how much they have missed them, but no. The first thing they said was, ¨We don’t care if you guys don’t want to go to church, we want to. And we want to be baptized!¨ I couldn’t believe it (jaw dropper). My companion and I had to try our hardest not to cry. They received answers to questions they had that we didn’t know about because they wouldn’t talk to us. Now their daughters are much friendlier and they seem to see us as normal people (which is nice). They went to church and liked it a lot more. The dad said he received his answer and he’s now ready for baptism! After so much time and many baptism dates, we think they are ready. :) 

My companion told me some interesting history. There are pyramids in Mexico and one tells of a Dios Blanco (White God) who will come again. When Hernan Cortez came to Mexico the people thought he was the god because he was tall and white, wore wealthy clothes and traveled in big boats. They gave him lots of gold, believing that the god had come again and all was well. People here understand and accept the Book of Mormon a lot easier because there is history here that they can link it to.

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  1. Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job and that you are a great missionary! keep up the good work! :)