Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 23: CAKE!

It was a goodish week....goodish. lol

Wednesday: My birthday was AWFUL!!! Everything that could have gone wrong in divisions went wrong. Blah.

My district threw me a little birthday party and we ate CAKE!

Thursday: Some members in the ward threw me a surprise birthday party. Super fun and super CAKE!

Friday: We gave some fun service and for the lunch the members bought me ice cream and CAKE! Yum.

Saturday: We had divisions almost all day with two future sister missionaries. It was a great day and I loved it! My companion said her member almost beat up a man because he said something mean. Lol My member was really good.

Sunday: We sang in church with the elders. Everyone told us we sounded like angels. I hate singing in public. 

Monday: We went to the zoo. I like going to the zoo and seeing the animals, but they look so sad. It makes me sad. 

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