Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 25: Spicy Hot

I can eat a lot more spicy hot food then many Mexicans. People are so surprised. I just think of mom and I piling jalapeños on our Mexican food until my mouth hurt. lol The members expect me not to be able to eat hot food, and they think it’s funny. So I often act like the food is super hot, because they are expecting that reaction. Actually, I really like the food here.

This week we have been working a ton with the Garcia family and we are having much success. We love their family! We had a family home evening with them and they invited their nephew, Leo. Their daughters, Jessica (17) and Rosa (15), taught the lesson on faith so they could complete a goal in their “Personal Progress”. They prepared a PowerPoint with scriptures, stories, and a video! We were shocked and it was great. We played games and had prizes of candy. Afterwards the parents said that they finally understand the importance of FHE. It’s a time for family to be separate from the world, so they can learn and have fun together.

FHE with Garcia Family

Since FHE the sons, Christen (12) and Danny (8) finally want to have lessons with us. The other day we were teaching their sisters and we told them to be back from playing in 30 minutes, so we could teach them. In 30 minutes they came back with Leo and patiently waited. I love the lessons with them because they are young and we have to teach in a way to keep them involved and awake. The other day we were teaching them a lesson and my companion mentioned something about Pinky and the Brain (don’t ask me what it has to do with the plan of salvation). They just looked at us like we were really old. We felt really old!

Leo wants to be baptized and go to church, but his mom is extremely Catholic and won’t let him. Yesterday he came to church with the Garcia family. We were excited until we asked him how he got permission from his mom. He told his mom that he was going to the Catholic Church with the Garcia family. Ah! We had to clarify that he can’t lie to his mom.
Yesterday I got sick. It has been building up for a few days, and yesterday it hit me. I was trembling and throwing up - I thought I was going to die. On the bright side, when I put on my skirt this morning it was a lot more loose! lol I’m feeling a lot better today.

We visit Hermano Alberto a lot. He is over 90 years old and can’t attend church because he has a hard time walking. He is funny and we love him! But…there is a problem. His house is the perfect temperature, and very calm and pleasant. We are wide-awake before the lesson; then afterwards we are so tired. We had to start bringing little candies to eat during the lesson to keep us awake and alive.

I’m pretty happy. This week I have learned so much! The gospel is absolutely beautiful and when you piece everything together it makes so much sense. God’s plan is perfect and I have no doubt that the gospel is true. Go and study!

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