Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 18: Changes

I’m in a new area called La Huerta in Morelia. It is so much colder! I honestly don’t know what to do. I’m used to sweating all the time and dying, but now I feel perfectly cool. It’s weird.

We were all super surprised that I left my old area, because my companion has more time there then me. The elders in the ward were also leaving and being replaced by sister training leaders. My poor companion is so nervous because she will have sister training leaders in the ward with her. Sometimes they are very stern/strict - you have to be born with the personality to be a STL. Hermana Suarez is very friendly and loving, so she was stressing a lot. She was crying so much. When she cries I don’t know what to do! I feel like Sulley and Mike in the movie Monsters Inc, when they bring the little girl to their apartment and try everything to get her to stop crying. lol

My new comp is Hna Vergara and she is great! I´m so excited because she not timid in correcting me when I say something wrong. I can tell I will learn a TON from her.

My new area is a huge city. I thought Lazaro was a city, but it was nothing in comparison. The people here are a ton wealthier. Very different area, but I’m excited.

Some impressive graffiti that we always walk by.
Here is one of the gorgeous picture frames that 
Jonathan made for me and my companion.

We had a little fiesta because it was my companions 
birthday and Elder Hughes last week in the mission.
Yeah cake! Even if it does have lots of 
water in it.
Saying goodbye to one of my favorite families in 
the ward. I will miss them tons!
The last dinner with my companion consisted of 
old cake and stale animal crackers.

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