Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 17: Bigger Bolder Bugs

First pictures:

1. Doing some service before it hardcore rained. 

2. Cool flower we found growing in someone’s garden in an apartment complex.

3. A family in the ward. Jonathan (left side) wants to make us picture frames, but he needs a picture to put in it. We wanted a picture with their family. They are great!

4. I SAW THE OCEAN!!! It is very beautiful and I wanted to cry. Now that everything is green it is quite pretty - lots of hills, mountains and lakes. I don't see this stuff in my area because I'm in a city.

5. Happy Daddies Day! Last year we were climbing rocks in the middle of nowhere in Utah. This year I was climbing stairs in the middle of Mexico. I must admit I miss climbing rocks, but stairs with suffice for now. 

This week we had an appointment to have lunch with a sister at 2pm. We were running late, so I called to let her know we would be there at 3pm instead. I can’t pronounce my three’s, (they sound like six’s) so she didn’t expect us to come until 6pm. Luckily, she’s really nice and didn’t mind. We just had to wait a little bit.

We have an army of cockroaches in our house. My companion hates them SO much! When she sees one, she grabs a broom and runs around the house trying to kill it. It’s kind of humorous. The other day we were kneeling on the floor, saying our prayers and I heard a noise like a giant bug walking. I opened my eyes and there was nothing there. I felt like I was in a horror movie, but continued with the prayer. I heard it again, opened my eyes and saw a giant cockroach! It was jumping from the wall to the table closer to me. I grabbed a broom to kill it and it jumped at me to eat my face!!! We kind of had a girly freak out moment, trying to kill the nasty thing. And they smell sooooo bad. Ew. 

Our power went out this week. We never received the power bill. We planned and did everything in the dark. I was so grateful I had my little first aid kit with the flashlight, because that was the only light we had. Sleeping is AWFUL because we don’t have a fan. :( I woke up at least a million times. Last night I thought for sure I was going to die and I moved to sleep on the cement floor instead. After a few minutes of thinking about all the bugs that are on the ground, I decided I would rather die of heat than die by the lizard eating ants and cockroaches. lol 

We had cambios this week with the sister training leaders. They see how everything is going and tell you what you need to improve on. I was so nervous because I stayed in my area and one of the leaders came with me. This was my first time directing the area. It was actually good and I learned a lot. I enjoyed it because I got to talk an equal amount during the lessons and I learned a ton. I learn a lot more Spanish when I get the chance to speak it. lol I think that learning to live, get along, and work with someone 24-7 is one of the hardest parts of the mission.

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