Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 16: Save the Cookies

Just some random things first

-The Covergirl mascara we use is almost 20 dollars here! I just buy cheap mascara and live with having spider leg eyelashes.
-If you need to clean anything, use laundry soap - clean the house, wash dishes, wash your hands.
-I tend to stretch after eating a meal and the members who feed us always get mad at me! They say, “You can’t stretch after eating or your intestines will burst.”
-If you have curly hair you shouldn’t have layers...I’m going to come home with some funky looking hair.
-I have the ugliest legs ever, from being bitten by ants, mosquitoes, spiders, and these little demon bugs. Hermana Suarez and I have taken up the game of guess which insect made each bite.  
-It has rained every day, which makes the weather great, but triples the mosquitoes! 

Saturday, ugh! We had an appointment really far away. We called her the night before to confirm the appointment and all was well, but once we got there she said she was getting ready to leave. No one else lived near her and we wasted an hour traveling - so we bought cookies. It had rained all night and there were puddles. When we were standing on the island in the middle of the road waiting to cross, a car passed and hit us with a ton of water! Then a second car passed and hit us with even more!  We were absolutely drenched, but don’t worry the cookies made it and that’s all that matters. lol

Later that day we had an activity at the church playing some fun sports and we had an investigator who was going to come with us. As we were walking to his house, it started to rain. Then it started to pour! When we got to the church, no one was there because it was raining, so we couldn’t have the activity. After an hour, it stopped raining and then people came. :) The activity went great and Ricardo, our investigator, had fun! At first when we got there, he told us we could NEVER leave him alone! Then he started playing volleyball and joking with the members. After a while, we had to leave, and he wanted to stay there on his own! We were so shocked.

Hermana Suarez´s birthday is next week. I’m so excited because it’s on p-day and we have some pretty great plans! 

We had an investigator this week make a break though with the Book of Mormon! We can only visit her once a week so we haven´t taught the Book of Mormon yet, but she reads a ton with her son. While reading, she realized many things are similar to things that are happening in our day. I wanted to cry! I love to see when people are progressing and finding things out. The Book of Mormon really is about our day and is a guide for us. I absolutely love it and am so sad that we only have an hour to study each day. I NEED MORE TIME! Read the Book of Mormon daily. I promise it will bless your lives.

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