Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 5 at the MTC

So this is officially my last week in the MTC! It is now time to freak out. lol. I don't feel like my Spanish has improved since week three. Hijalo! Good news is that it is now extremely hard to write emails and in my journal without wanting to write Spanish words. That's good, right? I have a very strong feeling that my first companion is going to be native. Then I will cry every day because I can't understand her. lol It’s sad now that I'm almost done at the MTC. I've made friends with other districts and I'm super close with all my hermanas. It's actually going to be kind of sad to leave.

We got a chance to teach an ACTUAL nonmember this week. It was so crazy! She was nice and taught us about her religion. It just made me realize how much more I love our knowledge of the gospel. She focused on that we are all sinners, we cannot change, and we will never be worthy. Overall it sounded pretty depressing. But our gospel is a gospel of happiness, hope and change. I love it! It made me want to go out and teach more. 

This week we had to teach the elders, one on one. It was a chance for us to learn how to teach people, not lessons. I taught Elder Debono, he is the Australian elder. I would ask him a question and he would just nod and then I would ask him again and he would just nod, because he had no idea what I was saying! lol But I gave him all my notes for the lesson for him to read on his own time, and I think it helped him? At least he said it did. It is so much easier to teach him then real investigators.

This week was Hermana Zenger's bday! So we ate junk food and cupcakes and had a little party before we had to go to bed.

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