Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week 4 at the MTC

This Sunday I was called as the Sister Training Leader, which means I'm over all the girls and what not. I have absolutely NO idea why I was called for it! It's so rough because the last girl was really good. She always had something to say and is just a natural leader. I am not! I absolutely HATE having people look at me. Yesterday I had to lead a discussion on a chapter of the BOM and afterwards I just wanted to go and cry in a corner because I did so badly. lol I know the girls, and I'm close to all of them, which makes me feel like I should do a better job with helping them. All the girls have lots of little problems (because we are just starting) and it makes me so mad because I don't know how to help! Blah.

This week is going so much better. Our whole district is kind of in freak out mode. We only have 11 more days until we are in Mexico! 11 days until I have to teach REAL people and try and speak the language without making up words, because these people won't know English. Yeah, you can say I'm kind of stressing out. Lol

Last night was our one-month mark! Our last class of the day was really good and spiritual. One of our teachers gave a GREAT demonstration on how to teach. Man am I not teaching correctly. lol So one of the sisters was crying during the demonstration and once our teachers left the WHOLE district was crying! lol I'm not even joking we had a cry fest for like 20 minutes. Everyone was crying because of the spirit, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, family, language - everything that has accumulated over the past month. It was actually pretty funny. Afterwards we had a party in my apartment and everyone brought a TON of food. We ate so much! I'm going to get fat.

One day this week one of the sisters was crying during class and one of the guy teachers was talking to her and her companion. Later, I asked him how different it was teaching elders vs. teaching sisters. He said it's WAY different! He said he constantly has to humble elders, especially after lessons they teach. He can be a lot tougher on them. He said the sisters beat themselves up. After lessons they always have to comfort someone and encourage girls. He said that it doesn't make sense because in his experience sisters just invite the spirit so much more and teach with such love. He said that he prefers teaching sisters, even though we cry a lot. He said that we need to remember that we are daughters of God and we are given that extra touch of loving others. I love ours teachers, they are the best.

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