Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 2 at the MTC

Sometimes I wish I was going English speaking. Trying to teach, bear testimony, and make jokes in a different language is soooooo difficult! Some days I try to only speak Spanish during the day and I'm usually mute on those days. lol. I had a really weird dream the other day. I was teaching Alejandro (one of our investigators) and when I woke up I was teaching the lesson out loud in Spanish. It was so weird. I'm glad I didn't wake my companion or she would have been freaked out! lol

We got new elders last week and one is from Australia! While we were at lunch we were talking to him and we asked him to come play volleyball with us. He said that he couldn't because he wasn't allowed on the court with his "thongs" on. lol! We were like, "What?" And his companion was like "I don't think they know what those are." He was talking about his flip flops! It was so funny! He was kind of embarrassed after that. It made me feel better because I'm constantly butchering the Spanish language and saying stupid things. I say so many ridiculous things I can't even think of them all right now! lol.

Oh, look up 3 Nephi 27; it's a great chapter in the Book of Mormon. Only like three and a half weeks left! I leave the 31st.  :)

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