Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 60: Good-Byes

Well I had cambios. I`m not surprised; I felt it coming. It was still super hard saying bye to everyone and not being able to tell them that it would be my last Sunday. One day I will see them all again.
Now I`m in Guadalajara, right on the edge of the mission. This is going to be an absolutely crazy STL area! This is the house where all of the new sisters arrive, where they all come when they are heading home, have to sign visa’s, or whatever.

Our Zone

My first convert; he has progressed amazingly in one year. 
He will be leaving for the mission soon!

Our fantastic Purepecha family!

All dressed up in the clothes that they use from their pueblo. 
It’s quite heavy.

Our awesome convert with his kitty cat.

The great little family we are teaching.
We always leave with a headache, but we love them! 

Another amazing family, part of them are members and part investigators. 

Another family that I love; they always feed us and help us. 

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