Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 59: Spanish Dreams

This is the last week of the cambio! I’m so nervous because I may possibly be leaving the area. I am so content with my companion, the area, and the people. Ugh. I will cry a lot if I get changed.
This week an investigator got baptized. He is a friend of my first convert. A ton of investigators came to the service. In fact so many people came that we couldn’t fit everyone into the room. The talks were amazing and then we sang Families Can Be Together Forever in Purepecha, because it’s his native language. Afterwards the rest of his family said that they want to get baptized too! Fathers have such a huge influence on the family.
This past week I’ve been having a ton of dreams about teaching our investigators. So I teach all day long, and then I go to sleep and I continue teaching. I had a dream that I was teaching one of our families and I forgot what homework we were going to give them. So I sat up and asked my companion, “what is their homework?” She responded, “what?” and was all tired. I was a little irritated because I didn’t understand why she was sleeping during the lesson. The good news is that she said that I asked her in Spanish, which means that my dreams are in Spanish. Woo! I’m officially sleep-talking in another language.
An American member came here from Texas to visit the farm of his uncle. It was so fun talking to him because I recognized how different the culture is. The way he acted, spoke, and everything are just so different from the ways here in Mexico. It felt nice to remember a little bit of home, but I do really love it here.

“As we give we find that ´sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven! ´ And in the end we learn it was no sacrifice at all. -Spencer W. Kimball

The baptism was especially great because it took place on
Easter week-end when we are remembering Jesus Christ!

FHE with our investigators.

This was our English speaking General Conference sister club. :)
Sadly I didn´t hear much of conference :(
The internet was working very badly and it paused every two seconds.

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