Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 51: Little Miracles

I am EXHAUSTED! Last week the mission president declared Monday to be ¨deep clean the house day¨. But of course my companion and I are perfectionists, so we did not end last week. We deep cleaned again today ALL DAY LONG! I hurt very badly, but our house is sparkly (as much as it can for being icky looking). I’ve decided when I grow up I will live in a box, just so I don’t have to deep clean. I like cleaning, but it takes so much time. 

I love having an American companion! It’s so fun because we communicate easily with one another. I can talk in Spanish, but it’s just not the same. We get along really well and are working very hard together. We have found like a total of a million new people (slight exaggeration) to teach within the last three weeks. That’s great! 

We’ve been seeing tons of little happy miracles!

One investigator went to a baptism on Saturday and said that he felt something when the person was baptized. He thinks it might be his answer. His wife is a convert of seven years, but he has never accepted the missionaries before. The Lord has prepared him so much and I feel privileged to teach him!

When another investigator went to church for the first time she figured out that she has a lot of friends there! She was super happy and enjoyed the service.

And there have been lots of other little miracles everyday.

This week we found a ¨less active¨. He said he was baptized a few years ago in Washington, but they did it by splashing water on his head. I think this was apostasy... so we don’t think he was actually baptized and we are looking for his records. But he is willing to do it again because he knows it’s true. 

Feeding Puppies

The lovely Laqardo Cardenas Zone!

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