Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 48: American Companion

Today is transfers and I am staying in my area! Hermana Corbridge is my new companion. It´s super weird to have an American companion, especially because she was my sister training leader (STL) before.

I had exchanges with the sister training leader leader, Hermana Luna. She knew me from my first three months after I came to Mexico. She said that Hermana Cuazitil (who was my STL) said that I would end up being a STL. She said that the exchanges were really good and that I´m diligent. It made me feel good to hear that I wasn´t a complete wreck like I thought I was when I started. lol 

I got news from Hermana Mayorga (my last companion in La Huerta) that one of our awesome investigators is going to get baptized! I´m so excited for him and to hear of the changes he has made. He is in Helaman of the Book of Mormon. He truly loves to learn and understands the importance of it.

We have a great new investigator. During the lesson she told us that she is extremely Catholic and has never accepted anyone of another religion in her house. She let us come because she really liked the way we presented ourselves. It made me think of the importance of being examples to others. We have no idea who is watching us, so always be a good example.

 Before Hermana Valdez left.

I can't do a serious face!

District meeting! Well, it isn’t actually my district because I was on
exchanges this day...but they are from my zone. And they are pretty great.

This giant iguana just chills out and lives in our investigators house.
He is extremely big and quite friendly as long as we were feeding him.

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