Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 55: Overcoming Obstacles

My new companion is great! I will never have a single problem with her. I feel that we will only be companions for one cambios and then she will become the sister training leader, of the sister training leaders. She is a GREAT missionary. So I am training her so that she leaves me next transfer. That’s my goal.  :(

We received a reference for this super great family! They want to learn so badly! There is one problem... they come from a pueblo where they speak Purepecha. They are learning Spanish. But the combination of my horrible Spanish and their limited comprehension makes for difficult lessons. We use lots of pictures and their sister is sometime there to help translate. When we asked them to commit to pray, the dad said with such determination “I’m going to pray to my Heavenly Father and ask if it is true.” The trials and obstacles in life don’t matter if we have a determination and faith. We are seeing this family progress so much even though it is hard and they may not understand anything at church. I know that God is answering them and that is all that matters. I’m happy to be teaching them.  :)

My New Companion

You always need to take a goofy shot too.

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